Want to hire a magician?

Magicians today are a far cry from their ancient predecessors. Instead of pulling rabbits out of hats, the magi were guardians of Egyptian kings. Throughout the ages, magic and the magician has evolved greatly and today’s illusionist is more of a celebrity than a mystic. In this article, we’ll meet the masters of sleight of hand who have laid the foundation for today’s renewed interest in the unknown.

An escape artist is a dramatic way to convey messages such as, escaping or breaking free of limiting beliefs and constraints.A magician performing arts tricks, card tricks and mind reading tricks at a table is usually cited as stop working magic or as work surface magic. In recent times funkier stop working magicians are cited as performing arts street magic. sadly, there are a lot of therefore known as “entertainers” out there either it is a trade exhibition magician, company magician or a comedy magician, UN agency decision themselves magicians however do very little over placed on dangerous shows, waste your cash and embarrass you. therefore however are you able to separate the dangerous magicians from the good ones? Here’s however. Comedy magic isn’t nearly as simple as the majority suppose. In fact, the foremost basic mistake performers build is presumptuous that they’ll throw many jokes into the patter (the lines used throughout a magic performance) and become comedy magicians. the sole trick to doing comedy magic is that the bitter truth concerning being funny.

Unfortunately, there’s no certification for magicians. Anyone UN agency buys many low-cost tricks from the magic or toy store will decision themselves a magician. and plenty of dangerous magicians, additionally as incompetent clowns and characters just do that.

The first factor is to determine what form of magic you would like for your event. Magicians typically perform 2 varieties of magic: stand-up, stage and close-up, strolling. In stand-up, the magician performs a show that is applicable for tiny to giant audiences which will embrace birthday parties, faculties and theaters. The larger the venue, the larger the tricks and presentation.

In close-up performances, the magician walks around at an occasion and performs “close-up” tricks victimization cards, coins and alternative objects. Strolling magic works well at open homes, cocktail parties, company picnics, vacation gatherings, welcome suites, picnics and alternative events.
Hiring the correct trade exhibition magician for an occasion is very important thing. And you do not need to rent a magician UN agency solely performs for teenagers to perform at a grown-up operate. Also, if you’ve got visions of individuals being sawed in [*fr1] and levitated at a grand event, you would like to appear for an enormous time illusionist. it’s typically understood by the majority that the consequences within the performance are accomplished through manual dexterity of hand additionally known as conjuring trick, misdirection, deception, collusion with a member of the audience, equipment with secret mechanisms, mirrors, and alternative trickery.

The performing artist seeks to gift a sway therefore clever and skillful that the audience cannot believe their eyes and can’t think about the reason. The sense of mystification is an element of the diversion. In turn, the audience plays a job within which they comply with be diverted by one thing they recognize to be a deception.

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Magic: Fact, Fiction, Myth

Magical power is categorized in to three types: universal energies, personal energies and dimensional energies. Magic power is made on normal ground, which of redesigning existing energy, see in your universe, yourself or send for from other dimensions, to make that which you like. The system of how magic perform what it does is not yet clearly said. It is involved that there are certain people who possess an affinity to changing, permanently or temporarily, the physical laws of the earth by utter will energy itself.

Three sources:

Three sources are tapping ones personal soul or spiritual energy; power borrowed, loaned or stolen, tapping the power hidden in the world. Where does magic come from? Marvel has pointed that the real source of the magic arrives from the power of the sun being manipulated or filtered through mystical energy and this is the reason why the forces of good are always related with the energy of light. It is what provides the doctor strange of this field their benefit which surely darker energy are forced to give away to the sun. Personal powers are those arrived from the life energy of the sorcerer.

Universal energy:

Frequent use of these kinds of power would quickly deplete a common being, taking this life power and therefore leaving that person dead. Sorcerers study, by meditation practices and trained will power, the methods to activate the recent human skill and avail them for their requirements without seriously reduce the life powers. Private power can be availed to power skills made by mental studies and are therefore primarily restricted as mental powers. Sorcerers can knock in to the universal power of the home dimension and attract forth magical power for the spells. This can be a frustrating work and is always performed utilizing a material or aim to ease the rate of energy and damage on the sorcerer.

Dimension attack:

Universal powers are usually availed for conjurations, teleportation, illusion casting, dimensional traveling, energy protection, energy projection and so forth. Any spell cast which needs no verbal entreaty .Dimensional energies are the one bestowed on a sorcerer from the dimensional entity. They do not normally live in the similar dimension like the sorcerer and will give to trade spells, power or magic in sharing for sacrifice, work ship or a chance to invade the dimension. These should be entreated by the sorcerer availing ritual spells and probably promises or sacrifices. After entreated, an entity, bestows the energy to work the spell on the sorcerer and the spell is finished.

Subsets of magical talents:

Spells such as these are like the flames of the faltine, the winds of watoomb, the crimson bands or the roving rings of raggador. The representation is made on the popular sorcerer. There are plenty of other practitioners of magic who may possess various ways or subsets of magical skill. Few will restrict themselves to specific subsets like voodoo, alchemy or witchcraft. These boundaries may be based on the chance or exposure to a specific realm of magical.

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Magicians and Their Tricks

Magic has mesmerized people over the ages. Since the Greco-Persian Wars of 499-492 B.C when Persian priests used unorthodox rituals to mesmerize both Persians and Greeks, hence performing the first ritual magic, till 1845 when the illusionist, Houdini, used magic tricks and illusions to popularize magic as a form of magic entertainment; magicians have kept their tricks a secret and their audience have sometimes happily accepted the illusions without questions. However, starting from the 1950s, there have been concerted efforts by scientists, thinkers, and curious freethinkers to understand how magicians perform the magic, and their findings have demystified the niche of magic. So, how do magicians create their tricks? In a nutshell, magicians tweak around with human psychology, as they understand human psychology and how humans tend to automatically fill in details, or gaps, when presented with certain puzzles in social situations. Central to manipulation of human psychology are the following three key elements that magicians use to create their magic; illusion, distraction, and control. The following example will suffice to show how these three elements are concertedly used by magicians when they perform their magic.

Double Bullet Catch

In 1996, two magicians Teller and Penn mesmerized their audience with their performance which included a person firing a live gun, and the bullet blasting a hole through a glass pane, before it is caught in the mouth of either one of the magic duo. The magic duo even asked members of the audience to sign on some of the bullets so as to further lend credence to their magic. So, how is this magic trick performed?

The answer lies in careful use of illusion, distraction, and control to pull off this stunt.


First of all, after the audience sign on the real bullets, the performer distracts the audience by looking intensely on the signed bullet, which automatically forces the audience to also stare on the signed bullet without paying much attention to what the performer is doing with the other hand. In the other hand, the performer retrieves as bullet made of wax, and conceals it in the palm of his hand. When loading the gun, the magician loads the wax bullet and in turn conceals the signed bullet in the palm of his hand, before hiding it and handing it over to his partner, who is supposed to catch the bullet in his mouth.


Next, the gun is fired and this melts the false bullet. Because the bullet is made of wax, a hot projectile made of molten wax is shot from the gun, and it is this molten wax that creates a hole in the glass pane, hence creating an illusion that the real signed bullet has blasted its way through the glass pane. After the molten wax pierces the glass, it loses its momentum and falls to the ground behind the opaque table on which the glass pane was mounted. Surely, the audience cannot see the molten wax on the floor and most are transfixed on the magician with an open mouth ready to catch the fired bullet.


Control involves misdirection, and the magicians supposed to swallow the bullet does this by rocking his head as if the bullet has gone right inside. It is this misdirection that amazes the audience. However, the magicians who has purportedly swallowed a bullet has in fact done nothing but only only shut his mouth momentarily so that that real signed bullet that is hidden under the tongue can be moved and place between the teeth. Thereafter, he opens the mouth to reveal the bullet caught between his teeth, and a dumbfounded audience break out in astonishment. The magician even shows the audience the sign on the bullet to prove that the real signed bullet was shot.

In conclusion, the aforementioned example shows that magicians do create magic by using the element of distraction and misdirection to make their illusion look real.



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Card Tricks Explained

Every kid in the world dreams at one point in his life to become a magician. It doesn’t matter if he watched master magicians like David Blain or Criss Angel performing on their television shows their magic street acts, or because he reads fantasy novels like Harry Potter that makes him want to learn magic tricks. The good news is that everybody can learn a few cool magic tricks, like card tricks. These are cool, because they’re easy, spectacular, and everybody can impress their friends with them. There are a lot of magic tips and instructions available on various websites like illusionist and others.

If you have someone to explain them to you, you can learn magic tricks into time. Reading a guide also helps. Let’s have a look at some simple yet amazing card tricks:

For this first trick you won’t need to use any optical illusions. All you need for this easy card trick is a deck of cards. Ask a spectator or friend to pick a card, then place the card on top of your deck, cut the cards, and then let everybody astonished about the way you guessed the card the picked. So, what’s the secret? The secret of this card magic is the bottom card. Once you shuffle the cards, the card is chosen by your spectator or friend once you cut the deck will be on top of all other cards.

You can find tons of card tricks on the internet. One can learn a lot of easy magic tricks. Worldwide audiences adore levitation, but you can also play mind games with your friends or audience. If you’re skilled enough, you can do a little street magic using some easy card tricks and easy magic tricks.

So, let’s talk about levitation. Want to know the secret? It’s easy! All you need is some clear adhesive, a very clear and fine string and a very light object, like a feather. Attach one of the tops of the feather to your middle finger’s tip then raise your hand up. Your audience will think that the object is levitating. If you want to further the trick, place your hand only a few millimeters behind the string – this will make it look like you’re going trough the space between the object and your hand. It is crucial to always wear a white shirt.

Sounds cool? It is. Optical illusions, coin tricks, card slights are also easy magic tricks you can learn.

Even if you won’t use the same amazing optical effects like Criss Angel or another world renowned magician, you will look cool doing these simple tricks. Keep in mind that the easy magic tricks found on the internet today, are the ones that David Blaine and others like him learned for the first time. No great magician would have gotten where he is now without card magic tricks – because these are learned at first, and are extremely easy to do.

When a volunteer has chosen two numbers one to ten, attempting to resolve the cards after the other face up. Surely you’ll find them surprisingly together or with just one card that separates them from each other. He may have a disconcerting effect on the public, but it is a trick that is provided by pure chance.



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All About Houdini

Harry Houdini was a an American stunt performer and illusionist. He was born in Hungary to Samuel Weisz and Cecilia Steiner, a Jewish family. The Weisz family later moved to America on July 3, 1878 where the his family changed their named to Weiss.

Houdini’s Early life

As a child, Houdini’s first debut was when he was nine years old as an old trapeze artist. As a youth, Houdini was also a cross country runner champion. After becoming a professional magician, Weiss hanged his name to ‘’Harry Houdini’’ in 1890 after learning about Jean Eugene Robert Houdin who was a French magician. The addition of the ”I” was that he believed that an ”I” in any name’s ending in French meant like. He also stated that his first name was homage to Harry Keller, someone that he also had admiration for.

Houdini’s career

In 1891, he began his career in magic and appeared in an act in a tent with Emil Jarrow, a strongman. Although this came with very little success, he continued to perform in sideshows and museums focusing mainly on the traditional card tricks. He even referred to himself as ‘’King of cards.’’

While performing together with Dash, his brother, as ‘’The Brothers Houdini’’ in 1893 at the Coney Islands, Houdini met Wilhelmina Beatrice ”Bess’’ Rahner. Bess married got married to Houdini in 1894 and took the part of Dash. The act then became known as ‘’The Houdini’s’’ with Bess as his assistant on stage.

In 1898, Houdini came up with the Challenge Act which was well received. He would escape from any pair of handcuffs that were produced by the audience. In 1899, Houdini met Martin Beck in Minnesota. Beck was impressed by Houdini’s handcuffs act and advised him to only focus in the escape acts. He was later helped by his Harry Day, his British agent to reach to C. Dundas Slater who was the manager of Alhambra Theater. Houdini successfully baffled the police so well that he was even booked in Alhambra for about six months. Soon, Houdini’s Challenging Act was a hit leading to him becoming widely known as ‘’The Handcuff King.’’

Houdini’s Escapes

With the success of the Challenging Act came the development of his spectacular escapes which would make him a legend. On his first visit to a psychiatrist friend in 1896, Houdini saw his first straight jacket. This inspired him to create an act around escaping from it. He succeeded in this and even went on to hanging upside down from his ankles which were suspended several feet from the ground. This inspired him to expand his Challenging Act to not only handcuffs, but also from any location suggested. He escaped from handcuff bridge jumps, jail cells, padlocked crates thrown into rivers, and even a giant paper bag without a sweat.

Houdini’s Death

While in a U.S tour in 1926, Houdini began experiencing severe stomach discomfort. However, he was afraid of missing some shows and, therefore, refused medical treatment. He was tired and was possibly suffering from the onset of appendicitis. While in Canada, he was allegedly punched by a student in the stomach to test Houdini’s well known ability to withstand blows. Houdini collapsed onstage in Detroit, was admitted to Grace Hospital and was diagnosed with peritonitis. On October 31, Houdini passed away and his last words were ‘’I’m tired of fighting.’’

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