Card Tricks Explained

Every kid in the world dreams at one point in his life to become a magician. It doesn’t matter if he watched master magicians like David Blain or Criss Angel performing on their television shows their magic street acts, or because he reads fantasy novels like Harry Potter that makes him want to learn magic tricks. The good news is that everybody can learn a few cool magic tricks, like card tricks. These are cool, because they’re easy, spectacular, and everybody can impress their friends with them. There are a lot of magic tips and instructions available on various websites like illusionist and others.

If you have someone to explain them to you, you can learn magic tricks into time. Reading a guide also helps. Let’s have a look at some simple yet amazing card tricks:

For this first trick you won’t need to use any optical illusions. All you need for this easy card trick is a deck of cards. Ask a spectator or friend to pick a card, then place the card on top of your deck, cut the cards, and then let everybody astonished about the way you guessed the card the picked. So, what’s the secret? The secret of this card magic is the bottom card. Once you shuffle the cards, the card is chosen by your spectator or friend once you cut the deck will be on top of all other cards.

You can find tons of card tricks on the internet. One can learn a lot of easy magic tricks. Worldwide audiences adore levitation, but you can also play mind games with your friends or audience. If you’re skilled enough, you can do a little street magic using some easy card tricks and easy magic tricks.

So, let’s talk about levitation. Want to know the secret? It’s easy! All you need is some clear adhesive, a very clear and fine string and a very light object, like a feather. Attach one of the tops of the feather to your middle finger’s tip then raise your hand up. Your audience will think that the object is levitating. If you want to further the trick, place your hand only a few millimeters behind the string – this will make it look like you’re going trough the space between the object and your hand. It is crucial to always wear a white shirt.

Sounds cool? It is. Optical illusions, coin tricks, card slights are also easy magic tricks you can learn.

Even if you won’t use the same amazing optical effects like Criss Angel or another world renowned magician, you will look cool doing these simple tricks. Keep in mind that the easy magic tricks found on the internet today, are the ones that David Blaine and others like him learned for the first time. No great magician would have gotten where he is now without card magic tricks – because these are learned at first, and are extremely easy to do.

When a volunteer has chosen two numbers one to ten, attempting to resolve the cards after the other face up. Surely you’ll find them surprisingly together or with just one card that separates them from each other. He may have a disconcerting effect on the public, but it is a trick that is provided by pure chance.



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